Community Treasures

The Chapel Hill Historical Society’s Community Treasures program, formerly known as Town Treasures, recognizes individuals and couples for their contributions to the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and the surrounding area over the years. The program began in 2008, and continues to be one of the Historical Society’s most well-attended events. Each individual receives a proclamation from the office of their Mayor or County Commissioner, which is read aloud at the event. Photographs and biographies of Community and Town Treasures can be viewed online in the linked Google Drive folders.
Community and Town Treasures Archive

2023 Community Treasures
The individuals selected as 2023 Community Treasures have served as community and neighborhood leaders, public servants, business leaders and mentors, and advocates for civil rights. Their life-time of service has made our town more welcoming and inclusive. The Historical Society is grateful to Marsha Jepsen for organizing this year’s award program, and to Tom Jepsen, Catie Atkinson, Samantha Pell, Richard Ellington, and Christina Benson for their assistance with reviewing nominees and selecting this year’s awardees. We are also grateful to Earl Bynum for photography and the Seymour Center for hosting the award ceremony. You can view a video of the ceremony at .

2023 Photographs and Biographies
Paul and Belinda Caldwell
Louise Felix
Marjorie Land
Robert Humphreys
Albert Williams

2019 Community Treasures

The individuals selected as 2019 Community Treasures have served as active volunteers, dedicated professionals, and committed public servants, to make the town a more exciting, progressive, and enlightened area in which to live and work. The Historical Society is grateful to Sarah Geer, Lois Annab, Tom Jepsen, Marsha Jepsen, Pat Oglesby, Valerie Yow, Kim Talikoff, and Richard Ellington for interviewing the Treasures and preparing the narratives of their accomplishments.  Thanks also to David Gellatly and Dave Otto for photography and  to Gordon Neville for coordinating transportation.

2019 Photographs and Biographies
Eva Barnett
Erwin Danziger
Braxton Foushee
Dorothy Johnson
Lynn Knauff
Sallie Pendergraft
Sandra and Stephen Rich
Marsha Warren

2018 Community Treasures

We have changed the name of our annual event to “Community Treasures” to be more inclusive of not only the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, but also the surrounding area and communities of Orange County. The 2018 Community Treasures event was organized by a committee consisting of Sarah Geer, Richard Ellington, Barbara Pipkin, Marsha Jepsen, Kim Talikoff, and Tom Jepsen. Pat Oglesby, Bill Burlingame, and Valerie Yow assisted with interviews. Eleanor Morris, Marlene Dickison, Kris Lalumiere, and Lois Annab helped with meeting and reception arrangements. The photography was contributed by David Gellatly and Dave Otto. Proclamations were presented by Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger, Carrboro Mayor Lydia Lavelle, and Orange County Commissioner Barry Jacobs. The Historical Society is grateful to the Chapel Hill Public Library for its generous support, and to the Town of Chapel Hill for providing transportation to the event.

2018 Photographs and Biographies
Robert and Molly Broad
Martha Brunstein
Katherine Cheek
Robert Epting
Nerys Levy
David Mason
Edith Wiggins

An archive of Town Treasures from past years can be viewed at the link below.

Town Treasures Archive