2011 Town Treasures

You can find photos and biographies of each of our 2011 Town Treasures below:

Alice Welsh    Betsy Fenhagen    Clyde Ritchie Bell    Donald Boulton    Doris Cotton    H. G. Jones   
Eunice Brock    John Sanders    Lily Mozelle Pratt    Rita Berman    Thelma Boyd   


2010 Town Treasures

Anne Craig Barnes    Bitty Holton    Clarence Whitefield    Elizabeth Ryan    Ellie Kinnaird    Jane Kelly "Coolie" Monroe   
Jean Holcomb    Margie Pfaff    Mary Morrow    Richard K. Johnson    Robert Patton    Velma Louise Perry   


2009 Town Treasures

Anne and John Allen Cates    Trish Love    Chris and Bob Nutter    Chuck Stone    Dean Smith    Lillian and Howard Lee   
Nancy Sitterson    Sandy McClamroch    Shirley Marshall    Val Lauder    William Aycock    Barbara Stiles and Bernice Stiles Wade   


2008 Town Treasures

William and Ida Friday    Douglas Eyre    Zora and Mel Rashkis    Georgia Kyser    Reverend J.R. Manley    Maxine Swalin   
Mildred Council    R.D. and Euzelle Smith    Rebecca Clark    Robert Seymour    Roland Giduz    William and Virginia Powell   

The biographies are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader in order to view them