The Chapel Hill Historical Society


The History of the Strayhorn House

Ernest Dollar

Presentation and Reception
Sunday, February 16, 2014, 3:00 - 5:00 PM
523 East Franklin St.
Lower Level
Chapel Hill, NC

The Strayhorn house on Jones Ferry Road in Carrboro has been in the same family for at least six generations. Efforts to preserve the structure have begun by the Preservation Society, with some funding from the Town of Carrboro and others. The home is currently owned by a great-granddaughter and is occupied by fourth, fifth, and sixth generations of Toney and Nellie Strayhorn descendants. Toney and Nellie constructed the first part of this structure shortly after the end of the Civil War. Presenter Ernest Dollar began working in historic sites in 1993 after completing his B.A. in History and B.F. A. in Design from UNC Greensboro. He has worked in several historic parks in both North and South Carolina. In 2006, he completed his M.A. in Public History from N.C. State and is currently the Executive Director of the City of Raleigh Museum. In addition, he serves as the president of the Historic Stagville Foundation and Federation of North Carolina Historic Societies.

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